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This page lists the deliverables of the project:

  • Task 1: Logical tools
    • D1-1: Decision Procedures for Separation Logic (@T0+6)
    • D1-2: Decision Procedures for Containers (@T0+12)
      • (annexes: 1, 2)
    • D1-3: Interpolation for Separation Logics (@T0+24)
    • D1-4: Bi-abduction for Separation Logics (@T0+36)
  • Task 2: Program Analyses
    • D2-1: Static Analysis for Low Level Programs (@T0+18)
    • D2-2: Static Analysis for High Level Programs (@T0+32)
    • D2-3: Acceleration Techniques (@T0+40)
  • Task 3: Refinement Relations
    • D3-1: Logical tools for the refinement relation (@T0+24)
    • D3-2: Static analysis for the refinement relation (@T0+32)
    • D3-3: From low level to high level programs (@T0+36)
  • Task 4: Tools and case studies
    • D4-1: Case studies (@T0+3)
      • cfdlli: Verified implementation of formal doubly linked lists container (@T0+30)
    • D4.2: Common Logical Domain Interface library CLDI, integrated as the Eva abstract interpreter in Frama-C Aluminium (@T0+9)
    • D4.3: Tools for low level programs (@T0+18)
      • Solver for SL(+RD): SLIDE, SPEN, CVC4SepLog
      • Model-checker based on SL (revised, see D1.3)
      • Abstract domains for symbolic heaps: CELIA
    • D4.4: Generic fixpoint engine, integrated as module of Frama-C in Frama-C Aluminium (@T0+24)
    • D4.5: Tools for high level programs (@T0+30)
      • SMT-solver for theories over containers: dp4mset
      • Abstract domains for containers (reprogrammed for December 2017)
    • D4.6: Tools for the refinement relation (@T0+42)